Ioth Okarthel Maurg

A ruined temple in the swamplands once devoted to fertility. Old Gretchen and Harka were attempting to use its power to hatch and control a black dragon in order to gain power. Old Gretchen betrayed Harka, but her plans were disrupted by the party. She escaped, but the newly hatched black dragon was killed.

There was a single tomb in one room of the temple, guarded by a magic lock. Draconic etchings on the wall spoke of a priest of great power and importance. Inside the tomb was a human mummy clutching a holy item to Lolth, a wand of web. The party destroyed and looted the mummy.

One room, blocked by fallen stones, was devoted to purification. There was a tub in the middle of the room where pure water could be piped in. The party was able to use the room once to cure mummy rot, but the pipes made no sign of working another time.

Surface Ruins:



Ioth Okarthel Maurg

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