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  • Onan Bakkal

    Onan had a grandmother who fell ill. No cleric or druid could diagnose her ailment; it seemed a supernatural sickness, and her last few days were in anguish. He spent what time he could with his fading grandmother in her last days. A very unpleasant …

  • Varrokh Ahsald

    *Personality Traits*: I don't pay attention to the risks of a situation. Never tell me the odds. *Ideals*: Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. (Chaotic) *Bonds*: Someone I love died because of a mistake I …

  • Panash

    Panash is a successful merchant in [[Duragzhar]]. He deals in legal and black market goods and hires hobgoblins as his bodyguards and messengers.

  • Hamdoff

    Original owner of [[Hamdoffs Berserker Ax |Hamdoff's Berserker Ax]] and conqueror of sister cities in the northern plains and moorlands. Buried at [[Tir Nagul]]. Inherited his ax and his empire from his father, [[:baugoff |Baugoff]].

  • Redu Kall

    High priest of [[Desdulana]] and a powerful warlock. Resides in [[Chamblas]] where he acts as spiritual and political leader. Claims all divine power comes from masks of the [[Great One]] wielded by the gods.

  • Baugoff

    Founder of a great empire long ago. When dying, he split his paired handaxes, [[Baugoffs Reavers |Baugoff's Reavers]], and his empire between his son, [[:hamdoff |Hamdoff]], and his advisor, [[:aerlin |Aerlin]].

  • Aerlin

    Advisor to [[:baugoff |Baugoff]] and half-inheritor to Baugoff’s empire, along with Baugoff’s son [[:hamdoff |Hamdoff]]. He wielded [[Aerlins Peace |Aerlin's Peace]].

  • Hamid Yazdani

    Hamid, frozen in time, replays his great story in his head in a perpetual loop. It is the only way he can keep his mind alive in this ever darkening place. "Our village was one of many great warriors. Our families, gifted in the arts of war, passed …