Tag: god


  • Lolth

    Spider goddess revered by the dark elves. Her portfolio includes spiders, hunting, architecture, traps, and stealth. Her [[Temple of Lolth |temple]] is located in [[Mathlann]]

  • Desdulana

    Goddess of the hunt. Her cult claims [[Bane]] stole her [[Mask |mask]] and power and trapped her in the body of a medusa. This story is at least partly true, since the party unwittingly freed her spirit from the medusa before it was channeled into the …

  • Bane

    God of conquest, revered by the hobgoblins. His [[Temple of Bane |temple]] is located in [[Duragzhar]].

    The cult of [[Desdulana]] claims he stole the [[Mask |mask]] of the [[Great One]] and power from their goddess.