Tag: cult


  • Temple of Masks

    The Temple of Masks consists of four temples, each connected by secret doors. These temples are devoted to four of the masks of the [[Great One]]. Each temple is made of a different igneous rock and has three rooms: a chapel, a priestess's …

  • Desdulana

    Goddess of the hunt. Her cult claims [[Bane]] stole her [[Mask |mask]] and power and trapped her in the body of a medusa. This story is at least partly true, since the party unwittingly freed her spirit from the medusa before it was channeled into the …

  • Temple of the Oracle

    Located in [[Chamblas]], this temple is devoted to [[Desdulana]]. [[:redu-kall |Redu Kall]] is the high priest and the [[:oracle |oracle]], who is currently directly channeling Desdulana’s power, resides here. Stairs leads down into a large room …

  • Redu Kall

    High priest of [[Desdulana]] and a powerful warlock. Resides in [[Chamblas]] where he acts as spiritual and political leader. Claims all divine power comes from masks of the [[Great One]] wielded by the gods.

  • Oracle

    Yuan-ti devoted to [[Desdulana]]. Resides in [[Chamblas]]. Had the power of Desdulana channeled into her during a ritual the party accidentally aided.