Hamid Yazdani


Hamid, frozen in time, replays his great story in his head in a perpetual loop. It is the only way he can keep his mind alive in this ever darkening place.

“Our village was one of many great warriors. Our families, gifted in the arts of war, passed down our secrets to a member worthy of them. I was granted with the Yazdani secrets.

I was young when my first battle came. Berserkers from a faraway land ambushed our village in the night. I roused the few friends I could, and we formed ranks. Using the land to our advantage, we lured our foes into traps and defended ourselves with our small shield wall.

After that night I was granted the opportunity to lead and to learn our secrets. I learned the way of the war-horn as well as the first war-boons that give our small fighting forces an edge in battle."

He knows not how long he has spent in the darkness nor if he will ever know anything else again.

Hamid Yazdani

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