Bjarne Devkin

Young Doppelganger


In his true form, Bjarne looks like an emaciated dwarf with the rough patches worn smooth. His beard and hair have mostly fallen out, his nose has all but disappeared, and his skin has taken on a blue cast. As a doppelganger, he is capable of assuming the form of any humanoid.


Bjarne Devkin was born to Sigrun Anderkin and a doppelganger disguised as her husband. His doppelganger father gambled, drank, and caroused: squandering the Devkin clan‘s wealth. When Bjarne was young, his father faked its death and moved on to another identity: Erasmus Hildkin, an undertaker. Bjarne was always interested in people’s faces, and in his spare time would make charcoal drawings on his wall.
At the age of 20, he started noticing changes. His beard began to fall out and he lost weight. One night, he was drawn into the moors by will-o-wisp lights. In the moors he met his true father, and began learning to embrace his doppelganger heritage. He concocted the identity of Erik, new apprentice to Erasmus, and was able to maintain the facade for a couple of weeks.
When the PCs were hired by Sigrun to find her missing son, they eventually discover the truth and turn Bjarne and his father over to the authorities. They are sentenced to burn at the stake. Varrokh, feeling guilty for helping bring about the death of Bjarne, who was not guilty of murder like his father, sets Bjarne free.
His current whereabouts are unknown.

Bjarne Devkin

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