Masks of the Great One

The Hatchling: Session 2

The party decides to stay in Keth for another day, hoping to learn what they can of the Iron Scales and the hag that attacked in the night. Sidium continued his study of the Draconic language, Anathra consults the druids, and Onan searches the communal hut and outskirts of Keth for tracks or clues.

The druids tell of children seeing a witch in the night. Anathra is able to find and interview one such child, learning that the hag has been stalking the area for some time. Onan finds some tracks in the communal hut, and is able to find some similar tracks on the outskirts of town, leading into the swamp.

When the group comes back together, Onan brings them to the place with the hag's tracks. Anathra asks a tree what it has seen. The tree seems to be in fear of this woman, and speaks of the blight she brings upon the land. They stay one more night in Keth, hoping to catch this witch in the act. Onan acquires some snare traps, and hides them in the dirt floor of the communal hut.

When the witch visits that night, she is caught in the snare. The group assaults her, but she again disappears. When lizardfolk come asking questions, there is no real evidence of violence. The party is free to go. Having no other leads, they follow the blighted plants. This leads them north, towards the moorlands. When they find a cottage surrounded by blight, the group prepares for a fight.

After Sidium scouts it out, the cottage seems to be empty. They enter and ransack the cottage. Sidium acquires a magically poisoned dagger. Shortly thereafter, a troll bursts through the door, apparently a sentry for the hag. After a short fight, the troll lies dead. The group finds a pseudo-dragon that the hag was attempting to make its familiar, which they free. Onan finds and scribes her scroll of find familiar into his book of shadows. When he casts it later that evening, the pseudo-dragon they freed chooses to become his familiar. The group finds a partial ritual creating a hearthstone, how she disappears at will, and evidence that she was in Keth. Communicating via the sending stone, they have Varrokh find a buyer for the horses and meet back up with him. Reunited, the party decides to return to Keth to continue their investigation, leaving traps behind if the hag should return.


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