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  • Temple of Masks

    The Temple of Masks consists of four temples, each connected by secret doors. These temples are devoted to four of the masks of the [[Great One]]. Each temple is made of a different igneous rock and has three rooms: a chapel, a priestess's …

  • Ioth Okarthel Maurg

    A ruined temple in the swamplands once devoted to fertility. [[:old-gretchen | Old Gretchen]] and [[:harka | Harka]] were attempting to use its power to hatch and control a black dragon in order to gain power. Old Gretchen betrayed Harka, but her …

  • Mask

    The masks of the [[Great One]] may refer to various forms the old one takes that are worshipped by its cults or may refer to a belief of the cult of [[Desdulana]] that all divine power derives from masks held by the gods.

    It is not clear if …

  • Lira Anderkin

    When Lira's father was killed, she fought the duel to fulfill her clan's onus of blood. She won this duel, but her right leg was badly broken. When it became infected, it was amputated. She began running her father's tavern, and renamed it [[The Boot]], …

  • Bjarne Devkin

    Bjarne Devkin was born to [[:sigrun-anderkin|Sigrun Anderkin]] and a doppelganger disguised as her husband. His doppelganger father gambled, drank, and caroused: squandering the [[Devkin clan]]'s wealth. When Bjarne was young, his father faked its death …

  • Old Gretchen

    "Old Gretchen", as some have come to know her, is a being who has popped up legends that spread across the land. She is said to corrupt men in there sleep, and is known to snatch children whose windows are left open. While her origins are unknown, [[: …

  • Hamdoff

    Original owner of [[Hamdoffs Berserker Ax |Hamdoff's Berserker Ax]] and conqueror of sister cities in the northern plains and moorlands. Buried at [[Tir Nagul]]. Inherited his ax and his empire from his father, [[:baugoff |Baugoff]].

  • Redu Kall

    High priest of [[Desdulana]] and a powerful warlock. Resides in [[Chamblas]] where he acts as spiritual and political leader. Claims all divine power comes from masks of the [[Great One]] wielded by the gods.

  • Oracle

    Yuan-ti devoted to [[Desdulana]]. Resides in [[Chamblas]]. Had the power of Desdulana channeled into her during a ritual the party accidentally aided.