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  • The Godling Made Flesh

    Book recovered from the [[Temple of Masks]]. Among other things, it details a ritual that can be used to revive dead people which requires the heart of a fiend, but which has side effects upon being revived.

    Currently in [[:capisko |Capisko …

  • Masks of the Great One

    Book recovered from the [[Temple of Masks]]. This mysterious book is the only known place for information on [[Mask |masks]]

    Last known location was the [[Temple of the Oracle]] in the hands of the Cult of [[Desdulana]].

    This book …

  • Pearls

    Pearls can be found in mussels in the swamp. They are the primary trade good of the lizardfolk.

  • Hamdoffs Berserker Ax

    The ax wielded by [[:hamdoff |Hamdoff]], inherited from his father, [[:baugoff |Baugoff]] after Baugoff’s empire was split between Hamdoff and [[:aerlin |Aerlin]]. It’s cursed to cause it’s wielder to fly into an uncontrollable rage …

  • Aerlins Peace

    The ax wielded by [[:aerlin |Aerlin]]. Inherited from [[:baugoff |Baugoff]], for whom Aerlin was an advisor. With it, Aerlin ruled half of Baugoff’s empire. The ax is part of a matched pair called [[Baugoffs Reavers |Baugoff's Reavers]]. …

  • Baugoffs Reavers

    The paired handaxes, [[Hamdoffs Berserker Ax |Hamdoff’s Berserker Ax]] and [[Aerlins Peace |Aerlin’s Peace]]. Originally wielded by [[:baugoff |Baugoff]], the pair of axes and his empire were split between his son [[:hamdoff |Hamdoff]] and …