Tag: history


  • Hamdoff

    Original owner of [[Hamdoffs Berserker Ax |Hamdoff's Berserker Ax]] and conqueror of sister cities in the northern plains and moorlands. Buried at [[Tir Nagul]]. Inherited his ax and his empire from his father, [[:baugoff |Baugoff]].

  • Baugoff

    Founder of a great empire long ago. When dying, he split his paired handaxes, [[Baugoffs Reavers |Baugoff's Reavers]], and his empire between his son, [[:hamdoff |Hamdoff]], and his advisor, [[:aerlin |Aerlin]].

  • Aerlin

    Advisor to [[:baugoff |Baugoff]] and half-inheritor to Baugoff’s empire, along with Baugoff’s son [[:hamdoff |Hamdoff]]. He wielded [[Aerlins Peace |Aerlin's Peace]].