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  • Carroc Azuul

    Carroc Azuul is a city-state of hill dwarves. It is ruled by [[:king-alaric-thronkin | King Alaric Thronkin]].

    Most inhabitants live with members of their clan in stone longhouses with peat roofs.

    Hill dwarves worship their …

  • Duragzhar

    Hobgoblin city. Houses the [[Temple of Bane]]. Every year in the fall, it has celebrates the festival of the [[Return of the Raiders]].

    [[The Broken Tree]] is a tavern in town frequented by shady clientele such as smugglers, treasure hunters, …

  • Mathlann

    Mathlann is the city-state of the dark elves. The matriarchal society reveres the spider goddess [[Lolth]]. The further one enters the city, the more embedded the architecture is into the [[Atharti |forest]]. The [[Temple of Lolth]] is located here, as …