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  • Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 1

    [[:anathra |Anathra]], [[:varrokh |Varrokh]], and [[:onan |Onan]] sit at their table at [[The Broken Tree]] tavern in [[Duragzhar]] discussing their next scheme. Anathra suggests they smuggle some spider silk from [[Mathlann]] to Duragzhar. …

  • Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 2

    When traveling through the woods, the group is attacked by a pack of ghouls. These ghouls seemed to come from the direction the group is heading. Hoping they came from [[Tir Nagul]], the party follows the ghoul tracks toward their source.

  • Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 3

    The group enters a many-pillared room and a helmed horror attacks them. The creature seems to shrug off most of what the party can do, but [[:onan |Onan]] lays a hex on it, allowing [[:varrokh |Varrokh]] to repeatedly wrestle it into a pit trap. After …

  • Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 4

    The party eventually finds what appears to be the main tomb at [[Tir Nagul]]. In it, they find a mummy and two wights, and manage to destroy them all. The party continues searching the tomb, and dispatches a few more minor undead, but leave a few  …