Tag: Duragzhar


  • The Broken Tree

    The Broken Tree is a tavern in [[Duragzhar]] frequented by shady clientele such as smugglers, treasure hunters, and adventurers.

    Known Patrons

    • [[:anathra|Anathra Ma]]
    • [[:sidium |Sidium Raj]]
    • [[: …

  • Panash

    Panash is a successful merchant in [[Duragzhar]]. He deals in legal and black market goods and hires hobgoblins as his bodyguards and messengers.

  • Capisko

    Capisko's father is an intelligent, fairly rich, and successful hobgoblin officer with his own band of loyal soldiers. Hoping to make his son good officer material, he hired many tutors to give his son a well-rounded education. Capisko studied fighting ( …