Masks of the Great One

Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 1

AnathraVarrokh, and Onan sit at their table at The Broken Tree tavern in Duragzhar discussing their next scheme. Anathra suggests they smuggle some spider silk from Mathlann to Duragzhar. He also knows of some rumors of an ancient site called Tir Nagul in the forest of Atharti. Varrokh arranges a buyer for the spider silk via his contact, Panash, and the party heads out with a donkey and cart.

After traveling through the plains for days, trees start to appear. A few days later they are in the dark Atharti wood. They lose the donkey to a displacer beast, which flees after a fight with the party. They manage to drag the cart the rest of the way to Mathlann.

They stow the cart with Anathra's contacts at the Temple of Lolth and go to the library to research Tir Nagul. They learn more specifics about the location and that the name means "High Bald Point" and assume they are looking for a bare area in the forest.

They head northwest into the woods from Mathlann.


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