Masks of the Great One

Masks: Session 1

Panash makes contact with Varrokh. The job is to pick up a delivery of saffron arriving in Carroc Azuul from the east and bring it back to him in Duragzhar. The team adds a new member, Sidum Raj, knowing that they needed someone who can speak thieves' cant in order to do effective business with Lira Anderkin, their contact in Carroc Azuul.

The group buys horses and leaves on the week-long journey. They are waylaid by a shambling mound and lose one of the horses. After a hard battle, the party is not fooled when the shambler feigns death and destroys it.

When they get to The Boot, Lira's bar in Carroc Azzul, the saffron has not yet arrived. They ask Lira if she knows of any jobs they could do in town while they wait, and she directs them to her sister, Sigrun, whose son went missing two weeks earlier.

They arrive at the dilapidated, but once proud, longhouse of the Devkin clan, where Sigrun lives after marrying Ivar Devkin. The dwarf who greets them at the door has a strange bony lump on his forehead. They are escorted to the back of the longhouse, where Sigrun prays to her son's clan ancestors for his safe return. The back wall is covered in bronze death masks, cast from the dead faces of important members of the Devkin clan before burial. Except for the first, each of these masks shows a similar bony growth on its face.

Sigrun explain that her son Bjarne went missing two weeks earlier, presumably after wandering into the moors. A member of the community wanders into the moors every few years for reasons unknown. They always return after a few days, so no one will help Sigrun because they assume Bjarne will return on his own. Upon return these dwarves have memory problems. Bjarne's father had been one who had wandered into the moors, about a year before Bjarne was born. He died five years ago, and his death mask now hangs in the clan shrine. The only living dwarf to have wandered into the moors is Erasmus Hildkin, the local undertaker.

Sigrun shows the PCs to Bjarne's sleeping alcove. The walls are covered in charcoal portraits of various dwarves, including a self-portrait. Bjarne is young, about 20, with a patchy beard and a thin face. The PCs decide questioning the undertaker about his experiences in the moors is the best place to start.

Erasmus claims that he doesn't remember anything about going to the moors, but he seems to be hiding something. The PCs press him, but he becomes belligerent after resisting a charm person spell. When he suspects the questioning may become violent, he calls over his young assistant to show he is not alone. The PCs decide their next lead is to try to follow Bjarne into the moors.

They are able to pick up his tracks, and follow them north from the city. After traveling for a few hours, they see a group of large moving shapes in the fog. As they sneak closer they see it is a sounder of giant boars, with two fully grown females and their piglets. They are investigating something on the ground. Charming the dominant female with a spell, Anathra sends the boars away. When they investigate the area, they find a set of dwarven clothes and a pack. The pigs had been investigating some food that had been left behind. There is no blood on the clothes, and nothing to indicate that there was a corpse here. The sun has gone down and the pigs have destroyed the tracks in the area. Further investigation down this avenue will have to wait until morning, but the PCs do see a group of four lights circling a nearby hill.

They stealthily investigate, finding that the lights are not lanterns, but instead will-o-wisps. They decide to attack, and get the jump on the unprepared creatures. Two are damaged, and they all flee by phasing through a stone trap door on the top of the hill.

The PCs pry open the door and discover a temple under the hill.

Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 4

The party eventually finds what appears to be the main tomb at Tir Nagul. In it, they find a mummy and two wights, and manage to destroy them all. The party continues searching the tomb, and dispatches a few more minor undead, but leave a few intact, as they do not appear to have anything worth taking.

The party returns to the surface, and Onan, having learned a ritual for understanding languages, reads the inscriptions inside the burial mounds. They learn that the tomb was dedicated to a great conqueror who ruled over sister cities: one in the northwestern plains and one in the moorlands. With this new information, the party returns to Mathlann.

They acquire some spider silk and return to Duragzhar. They earn enough profits from graverobbing and smuggling to upgrade equipment. Onan hires a scholar to study ancient history of the region, hoping to get more information that can lead to similarly lucrative adventures.

Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 3

The group enters a many-pillared room and a helmed horror attacks them. The creature seems to shrug off most of what the party can do, but Onan lays a hex on it, allowing Varrokh to repeatedly wrestle it into a pit trap. After a very difficult battle, the group finds a place to rest in relative safety.

Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 2

When traveling through the woods, the group is attacked by a pack of ghouls. These ghouls seemed to come from the direction the group is heading. Hoping they came from Tir Nagul, the party follows the ghoul tracks toward their source.

They come upon a place barren of trees with two monolithic stones. One stands, the other has fallen. There are two barrow mounds. Bones strew the ground in front of holes that had been dug into them. A ghoul stands watch. The party attacks. They slay a dozen or so ghouls.

A search of the area reveals, among other things, a winged bone statue with a featureless face. There is writing on some stone in the mounds, but none of the group can read it.

There is what appears to be a metal trapdoor at the base of the standing stone. The grass around it is singed. When they try to open it, a lightning bolt strikes from the sky. Varrokh manages to disarm the trap, and the party rests before entering.

The party enters the ancient structure. They find an embalming room, where the fight some skeletons. A summoning room, activated by their entry, conjures some creatures resembling the bone statue they found.

Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 1

AnathraVarrokh, and Onan sit at their table at The Broken Tree tavern in Duragzhar discussing their next scheme. Anathra suggests they smuggle some spider silk from Mathlann to Duragzhar. He also knows of some rumors of an ancient site called Tir Nagul in the forest of Atharti. Varrokh arranges a buyer for the spider silk via his contact, Panash, and the party heads out with a donkey and cart.

After traveling through the plains for days, trees start to appear. A few days later they are in the dark Atharti wood. They lose the donkey to a displacer beast, which flees after a fight with the party. They manage to drag the cart the rest of the way to Mathlann.

They stow the cart with Anathra's contacts at the Temple of Lolth and go to the library to research Tir Nagul. They learn more specifics about the location and that the name means "High Bald Point" and assume they are looking for a bare area in the forest.

They head northwest into the woods from Mathlann.


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