Onan Bakkal

Failed Druid turned Warlock


Onan is pale, gaunt, and hairless.


Onan had a grandmother who fell ill. No cleric or druid could diagnose her ailment; it seemed a supernatural sickness, and her last few days were in anguish. He spent what time he could with his fading grandmother in her last days. A very unpleasant experience, as the woman he knew and loved now seemed vacant. Her identity, health, and sanity drained. One day, feeling in his heart that he had little time to say goodbye, he rushed to visit his grandmother one last time.

As he entered her room, he found not his grandmother, but some other being, hunchbacked and foul. She stood next to his grandmother’s empty bed. The last thing Onan saw was this old crone drop his grandmother’s heirloom ring into a pouch on her belt, and then vanish in thin air. The theft of the ring robbed him of all he’d had left of his grandmother’s faded memory. Onan learned what he could of this creature: not much. His one lead was a tale set in the moorlands with a villainous witch matching her description.

Onan begged to accompany his merchant father, Metin Bakkal, on the way to Duragzhar. When passing through the moorlands Onan wandered off on his own, hoping to find the foul creature who killed his grandmother. He lost his way and was never seen by his family again. He was taken in by druids and attempted to learn their ways, but was never successful. During a coming of age ceremony, he was made to wander the moors alone. He came across some ruins whose strange nature put him in a trance and opened his mind to the power of the Great One. Though he knows little of the Great One, its power flows through him. When he returned, the druids recognized an unnatural power emanating from him and exiled him from the moors.

After leaving, he made his way to Duragzhar where he was able to put his warlock powers to use working in black market trades, smuggling, and treasure hunting.

Personality trait: I’m oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.
Ideal: Free thinking. Inquiry and curiosity are the pillars of progress.
Bond: The druids of the moorlands forbade me to wander their lands.
Flaw: Now that I’ve returned to the world, I enjoy its delights a little too much.

Onan Bakkal

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