Old Gretchen


“Old Gretchen”, as some have come to know her, is a being who has popped up legends that spread across the land. She is said to corrupt men in there sleep, and is known to snatch children whose windows are left open.

While her origins are unknown, Onan believes she is the same hag he crossed paths with in his youth, who he attributes to the unpleasant passing of his grandmother and the theft of a family heirloom.

Years later, Gretchen was discovering sowing discord within the ranks of the lizard folk. Onan and his allies attempted to put an end to her plans, and succeeded- dismantling the Iron Scale clan, defeating a young black dragon she was nursing for her own dark plans, and raiding her cottage.

Gretchen escaped into the night, her whereabouts are unknown.

Old Gretchen

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