Lira Anderkin

Dwarven Barkeep and Black Market Broker


She is missing her right foot, replaced with a peg leg.


When Lira’s father was killed, she fought the duel to fulfill her clan’s onus of blood. She won this duel, but her right leg was badly broken. When it became infected, it was amputated. She began running her father’s tavern, and renamed it The Boot, using the right boot she no longer needed as the sign.

She slowly gained contacts in the black market, and now is a major player in Carroc Azuul. Illegal or heavily taxed goods are smuggled in with barrels of exotic drinks. She gets these drinks at a discount because she facilitates black market deals. Drinks from many lands are available at “The Boot”.

After the PCs helped her family with a doppelganger problem, she owes the party a favor.

Lira Anderkin

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