Masks of the Great One

Trial of the Arena

The party awakens in a cell, with seven nearby cells. Only two others are occupied: one with some kobolds and one with some humans. They try to talk to the humans, but don’t manage to learn much. Suddenly, the kobolds scream as the ground under them begins to shake. Their floor starts rising towards the ceiling. At the last moment, the ceiling opens up, and the roar of a crowd, and the roar of something else, can be heard above. After a minute or so, the floor lowers again, empty. A guard comes over and asks what weapons the characters use. The characters try to pump him for information, but learn only the name Redu Kall. It seems to have some religious significance. The players get standard issue weapons, and then their floor rises into an arena. Their opponent is a wyvern ridden by a warlock. The warlock dedicates his kills to Desdulana. The party manages to defeat the pair.

The crowd is pleased, and the characters are given an honor escort to bathe and dress them in ceremonial robes. The characters continue to try to learn what is going on, but learn little. While being led through the city of Chamblas, they see fields of stygia growing and a large temple overlooking a huge rift in the ground. They are escorted to the temple and are overwhelmed by the scent of burning stygia. They are led up to a dais, where Capisko, a female oracle, and a high priest, Redu Kall, greet them. The party's equipment is returned, and they are fed. They learn that this is a cult dedicated to Desdulana, a huntress deity. Redu Kall claims that Bane stole the divine mask of Desdulana, robbing her of her power. Onan inhales some of the oracle’s drug and sees a vision of crystals swirling around a maelstrom. They crash into each other continually. One of these appears to be cracking, and a light begins to escape.

The characters retire to rooms provided them, equip themselves, and decide to investigate the rift outside. At the bottom is a wild, tangled garden with stone statues, indistinct at this distance. It seems primordial and foreboding. The characters don’t know what to make of this cult, but decide whatever they’re up to needs to be stopped.


Masks_Craig Masks_Craig

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