Masks of the Great One

The Temple of the Oracle

The characters are locked in a room with guards posted at the door. They are discussing a plan of action when they start to hear chanting from downstairs. Using a potion, Onan spies on a ritual in progress. The ritual seems to be channeling power into the oracle. Redu Kall leads the ritual, with 7 times 7 cultists prepared for sacrifice. Redu Kall snuffs out Onan’s connection, and Onan gets a feeling of great power from him. Vacillating between trying to disrupt the ritual and fleeing from an obviously superior foe, the group hears a noise at the door. The party prepares to ambush whoever comes through the door.

Capisko, obviously shaken by what he’s seen and done, comes into their chamber. Two dead guards lie on the floor of the hall. He convinces the party to escape, knowing a secret way out.

Capisko leads the party down a long set of stairs into a large chamber underneath the temple. Searching this room, they find nothing but statues of various races and reliefs of Desdulana hunting. The party opens the door and enters the Veiled Garden.


Masks_Craig Masks_Craig

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