Masks of the Great One

The Hatchling: Session 4

The party descends into the lower level of Ioth Okarthel Maurg. They find and free a human named Lothar of the hillfolk who was captured to feed to the Hatchling. After fighting a lizardfolk chief, shaman, and warriors, the party enters a magically locked room with a sarcophagus inside. The Draconic inscriptions speak of a powerful and important priest.

When the party opens the tomb, they find an undead human mummy. During the fight, Lothar contracts mummy rot, but the party is victorious. In the sarcophagus, the party finds a wand of web with a symbol of Lolth. This room is a mystery to the group.

The party then finds a room of cleansing. The tub in the room has pipes leading down to it. When the party turns a valve, clean and pure water fills the tub. Lothar bathes in the water and is cured. The mechanism or magic seems to have been broken by this one use.

By this time the party is in bad shape. They decide they can rest in the room with the sarcophagus after resetting the magic lock.

After resting, the party continues exploring. Behind a door blocked by rubble, the party finds the dessicated body of Harka. The party concludes that Old Gretchen had betrayed and killed him.

The party enters a large chamber with broken pillars. The primary Iron Scales shaman and many lizardfolk warriors are there, as is a wyrmling black dragon, the Hatchling. After a tough fight, Old Gretchen flees and the party tries to decide what to do with an unconscious baby dragon. After much debate, the party decides to kill it to sell the scales and other parts.

During multiple fights, Varrokh had flown into an uncontrollable rage, only stopping when the party knocked him out. This is something the group will have to investigate.

The group returns to Keth so that Onan can have the hag's curse removed by the druids, trusting them more than the hobgoblin clerics he would find in Duragzhar.


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