Masks of the Great One

The Hatchling: Session 3

When the party returns to Keth, Anathra is able to use a spell to locate the hag's hearthstone. They find it in the chief hut of the Iron Scale clan. However, Harka and most of his clan have left Keth.

The party concludes that Harka's shaman is the hag and decides to pursue them. After a little investigation, they learn the Iron Scales were headed to Ioth Okarthel Maurg, an old ruined temple dedicated to fertility.

The party pursues them. They encounter little resistance as they travel north, until a group of lizardfolk led by a shaman attacks. The party successfully kills them all. Notably, Anathra uses a scroll to trasform into a tricerotops and stomps the shaman into the earth.

When the party arrives at the temple, they find it a crumbling ruin. They spot lizardfolk sentries, but Sidium is able to stealthily kill a few before general combat starts.

After killing the sentries, they find a more intact area of the temple with a staircase leading down.


Masks_Craig Masks_Craig

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