Masks of the Great One

The Disappeared

The party returns to Duragzhar to find the city under lock down. After questioning the guards at the gate, they learn that people and objects have been disappearing during the night. Varrokh goes to the Temple of Bane to see if he can get his curse removed, but the priest tells him that he should view his rage as a blessing rather than a curse and refuses to help him. The characters go to Capisko to have him identify the ax that seems to be causing Varrokh to lose control during battle.

Capisko takes notes and draws diagrams of the ax. He tells them to return the next night to go over his research.

When the party returns that night, they find the house dark. They break in, worrying that whatever has been happening in town has happened here. They eventually make their way to the library where they set off a trap which summons a vrock. After killing it, they find Capisko's notes, identifying Varrokh's ax as Hamdoff's Berserker Ax, but find no sign of Capisko. Both he and the book, Masks of the Great One seem to have been taken.

The group goes downstairs to look for more clues and are ambushed by strange teleporting humanoids. One by one, the party is knocked out and captured.


Masks_Craig Masks_Craig

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