Masks of the Great One

Masks: Session 3

After selling what was plundered from the temple and dipping into Anathra's savings, the living PCs are able to get the gem needed for the raising of their companions. They return to the temple and complete the ritual, using their gem and the blood and heart of the dead succubus at the statue of Golathan. When Anathra and Sidium return to life, they've changed. Their eyes are blood red and, though this is yet unknown, they have a fiendish essence.

After discussion and debate, they decide to take their evidence to the dwarven king, but decide to leave out any evidence that shows that Sigrun, their client, unknowingly coupled with a doppelganger and produced its offspring. Anathra and Sidium go to Erasmus the undertaker's home to keep an eye on things while Varrokh and Onan go to Thron Fort to see King Alaric.

No one is at Eramsus's home. Sidium breaks in and discovers a magical scroll and a smooth disc that matches the one found in the succubus's chamber. Finding these valuables gives them hope that he has not given up on this form. They stake out the home, waiting for Erasmus to return.

Meanwhile, Varrokh and Onan convince King Alaric to investigate the doppelganger threat. King Alaric decides to see to it personally. He and one of his clansmen go with Varrokh and Onan to Erasmus's home. Anathra and Sidium explain that he's not home, so the king decides to ask around. This investigation is very short, since when he steps into the nearest tavern, he finds Erasmus and his assistant carousing. Anathra immediately uses a spell to revert the doppelganger to his true form. King Alaric and his clansman arrest this doppelganger. The assistant attempts to sneak out the back, but is pursued and taken down by the PCs. He too is a doppelganger: Bjarne, the young dwarf they've been looking for. Both doppelgangers are bound and taken to Thron Fort. It is announced that the doppelgangers will be burnt at the stake at dusk.

Varrokh doesn't feel right about Bjarne's impending execution. He doesn't seem to have murdered anyone or done anything wrong besides being born a doppelganger. Varrokh is able to stealthily unbind Bjarne, who is then able to make his escape on his own. That night, only one doppelganger is burned. His true form shows him to be the original doppelganger. Bjarne has disappeared.

When the PCs return to The Boot, the saffron they are to deliver to Panash has arrived. They meet with the courier Na Dae Won, who recognizes Varrokh from his time in the east. Won probes Varrokh for information to bring back to the people who want Varrokh dead. Varrokh doesn't give any, but what Won knows about the deal is enough to cause trouble in the future.


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