Masks of the Great One

Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 4

The party eventually finds what appears to be the main tomb at Tir Nagul. In it, they find a mummy and two wights, and manage to destroy them all. The party continues searching the tomb, and dispatches a few more minor undead, but leave a few intact, as they do not appear to have anything worth taking.

The party returns to the surface, and Onan, having learned a ritual for understanding languages, reads the inscriptions inside the burial mounds. They learn that the tomb was dedicated to a great conqueror who ruled over sister cities: one in the northwestern plains and one in the moorlands. With this new information, the party returns to Mathlann.

They acquire some spider silk and return to Duragzhar. They earn enough profits from graverobbing and smuggling to upgrade equipment. Onan hires a scholar to study ancient history of the region, hoping to get more information that can lead to similarly lucrative adventures.


Masks_Craig Masks_Craig

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