Masks of the Great One

Crypt of Tir Nagul: Session 2

When traveling through the woods, the group is attacked by a pack of ghouls. These ghouls seemed to come from the direction the group is heading. Hoping they came from Tir Nagul, the party follows the ghoul tracks toward their source.

They come upon a place barren of trees with two monolithic stones. One stands, the other has fallen. There are two barrow mounds. Bones strew the ground in front of holes that had been dug into them. A ghoul stands watch. The party attacks. They slay a dozen or so ghouls.

A search of the area reveals, among other things, a winged bone statue with a featureless face. There is writing on some stone in the mounds, but none of the group can read it.

There is what appears to be a metal trapdoor at the base of the standing stone. The grass around it is singed. When they try to open it, a lightning bolt strikes from the sky. Varrokh manages to disarm the trap, and the party rests before entering.

The party enters the ancient structure. They find an embalming room, where the fight some skeletons. A summoning room, activated by their entry, conjures some creatures resembling the bone statue they found.


Masks_Craig Masks_Craig

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