The book tells us that the Great One has many masks, but what are they?

The Great One takes many forms. The bloated woman, the mawed sphinx, the three-lobed eye, the tentacled harbinger. There are likely others. These forms are called masks, but can the Great One's masks be wielded by others? The cult of Desdulana, goddess of the hunt, claim they can. They say the gods gain power from these masks. They say Bane, god of conquest, stole one of these masks from their goddess.

If the masks give the gods their power, can a mask be used to become a god? Did our gods once walk the earth as we do? No mortal knows. If the gods really do squabble over these masks, will the Great One, to whom beasts, men, and gods are as insects, eventually take notice? To whom can we pray He does not?

This is a multi-GM campaign using 5e Dungeons and Dragons rules and set in a homebrew world being built collaboratively from the bottom up as we go. After each adventure, the GM mantle passes to another player who gets to build upon what has been previously established, potentially picking up threads left by the GMs who came before.

Masks of the Great One

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